Jack N' Jill Stage 2 Silicone Toothbrush

Jack N' Jill Stage 2 Silicone Toothbrush

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Product Information

Made from 100% Medical/Food grade silicone, this has been designed for a simple and effective start towards good oral hygiene from first tooth.

It's a brilliant 'first toothbrush' which is easy to use, non-toxic and BPA Free. Jack N' Jill's Silicone Toothbrush is gentle on tiny teeth and sensitive gums with a safety shield included to prevent choking. Kids can start to learn to handle a toothbrush on their own (under supervision of course) - no doubt they will start to pull the toothbrush out of your hands as they become adventurous!

How It's Used

Ideal for babies/children before side/rear teeth have come through.


100% medical/food grade silicone with plastic free.

Additional Details

  • Fully biodegradable
  • BPA & PVC Free
  • Stage 2 suitable for 12- 24 months

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