150 Nappy Bags Clipclose Lid

150 Nappy Bags Clipclose Lid

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Product Description

Fragranced Nappy bags are the conveniently hygienic way to dispose of soiled nappies, baby wipes and tissues. Each bag is scented to neutralise any unpleasant odour, while the colour subtly disguises the contents.

Particularly useful on holiday, travelling, visiting or at home.

Directions for use

Simply pull out one of the Nappy Bags from the pack.

Place the soiled nappy, baby wipes and cotton wool into the bag and tie the two handles together.


Do not flush down the toilet. Not to be used for storing food.

To avoid danger of suffocation keep this bag away from babies and children.

Do not leave bags in cots, prams or playpens and never leave loose bags lying around - only remove nappy bags as needed or store removed bags in a secure container.

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