Gel Bead Ice Pack

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Product Description

Cooling • Comforting • Refreshing

REUSABLE Gel bead ice pack. PVC pouch filled with non-toxic gel beads and water.

Freeze or microwave - Can be frozen to be used as an ice pack or heated in a microwave or hot water for use as a heat pack. 

Size: 10cm x 19cm

How To Use

Please retain the information on this pack for future reference.

  • Remove any packaging and place pack in a clean and debris free domestic microwave oven.
  • For microwave use do not exceed 15 seconds when heating from room temperature or 1 minute when heating from frozen. These times are based on a microwave oven of 750w and should be adjusted to suit the power of the microwave being used. If further heating is desired, use only short bursts of 10 seconds checking carefully and repeatedly until desired heat is reached
  • Keep a constant watch whilst heat pack is being heated and do not leave unattended.
  • Carefully check that the heated or cooled pack feels comfortable against the skin. Remove immediately with any discomfort. Both extreme cold and extreme heat can cause injury or damage to skin.
  • Once heated to desired temperature for use - do not re-heat with a microwave until pack has fully cooled to room temperature.

To heat with hot water:

  • Partially fill a suitable container with enough hot water to fully immerse the heat pack. Carefully check the pack for the desired temperature after around 5 minutes, replacing the hot water if necessary. Do not heat the water whilst the pack is immersed within it, always remove the heat source before immersing the pack or use a separate container. Take care with hot water to avoid scalding injury and keep children well clear at all times.
  • To avoid injury do not apply heated or cooled pack directly to skin. Always cover with a towel or cloth.
  • To clean wipe carefully with a damp cloth only. Allow to dry naturally or wipe with a soft cloth.
    Discard sensibly once cover becomes soiled or damaged.
  • Should the pack become overheated or show any signs of scorching, fumes or burning carefully remove from microwave using a suitable metal implement and place in a sink or metal bucket containing water. In this event keep children and pets well clear. Sensibly discard the item once cooled and do not re-use.
  • This item can be safely disposed of with along with your usual household refuse and is not recyclable.
    Before storing ensure that pack is completely cooled to room temperature and is completely dry.
    Then store in a cool dry place away from sunlight and direct heat sources. Store away from children at all times.


  • This product can cause burns. Avoid prolonged direct contact with the skin.
    Take care when removing from the microwave oven
    do not overheat
    for microwave, hot water or freezer use only
    warning carefully read all instructions on this pack before use
    caution handle with extreme care when hot
  • Not suitable for use by children.
    Do not leave any child unattended with this item
  • Do not exceed recommended heating times
    always fully cool between uses and before storing
    keep away from fire and do not place on or near any direct heat source
  • Do not place in a conventional oven
    do not use next to irritated, sensitive or broken skin inspect at regular intervals. Discard if found worn or damage.

Ingredients for gel beads

69.9% water, 25% glycerine, 5% polyacrylate, 0.1% oil.

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