Tick Remover Set Of 2

Tick Remover Set Of 2

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Product Description

Medisure Tick Removers are a reliable and simple way to remove ticks from the skin.

How To Use

  • Carefully select the size of remover to suit the tick to be removed.
  • Slide remover against skin to engage tick at point of entry to the skin.
  • Lift the remover lightly and rotate
  • after 2 or 3 complete turns the tick should detach.
  • TURN IN ONE DIRECTION ONLY. This action should release the tick's barbs and minimise the risk of tick parts remaining under the skin.
  • LIGHLY LIFT AND ROTATE TO REMOVE TICK. Do not use this remover to lever or pull the tick straight out of the skin.
  • Destroy and dispose of the tick carefully. Consider squashing in tissue and then either flushing down a toilet or sealing in a bag before placing in a rubbish bin.
  • Disinfect the bite site and thoroughly wash hands after the removal and disposal is complete.
  • Wash removers thoroughly after use with warm soapy water and/or mild disinfectant. Rinse with clean water and dry before storing.


  • Keep away from children when not in use.
  • Not suitable for use by children.
  • Ticks can spread serious infections - consult a medical professional with any worrying symptoms or other concerns.

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