Sustainable?! I've heard that before somewhere...

Posted by Nabeel Ahmed on

These days its difficult to keep on top of the most recent changes to the way things are done in the retail market, and even more so to come to a decision when faced with so much choice! With so little time and so much to choose from where do we start? Its safe to say that when it comes to our shopping habits they are just that- habits. The way we think and act has been shaped by years of consumerism and when it comes to the way we shop we don't often look at what impact our actions and choices have in the grand scheme of things.

There's no reason to point the finger, we would be forgiven for not being more aware that we have the power to contribute to change from the smallest of actions. The concept of being sustainable is not new but it is something that is becoming more common in the attitudes and actions of some organisations.

We at Wellness District intend to embrace the changes available to the way the business can operate from using renewal energy suppliers to ensure we are carbon neutral to using recyclable and sustainable materials in our daily activities. Lets all take responsibility for making better choices that reduce the negative impact on our surroundings and the planet as a whole!

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