Olbas for Children Inhalant Decongestant Oil 12ml

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Product Description

Olbas for Children is a gentle,
yet effective decongestant
specially formulated for
children and infants from
3 months.
This natural formula is a
mixture of pure plant oils which
releases vapours to help nasal
congestion and to restore easy
breathing. Useful for colds and
flu, catarrh, blocked sinuses
and hayfever.

How To Use

For inhalation use only.
Children aged 3 months to
2 years: Add 4 drops to a
tissue and hold close to the
nose allowing child to breathe
in vapours.
Children aged 2 and over:
Add 8 to 12 drops
to a tissue and use as above.
Can be used at night or added
to hot water.
Not recommended for babies
under 3 months old.


Cajuput Oil 4.625%, Clove Oil
0.025%, Eucalyptus Oil 8.863%,
Juniperberry Oil 0.675%,
Levomenthol 1.025%, Methy|
Salicylate 0.925%, Mint Oil,
Partly Dementholised 8.863%.


Not recommended for babies
under 3 months old.
Avoid direct contact with
child's skin & clothing
Do not use if allergic to any of
the ingredients.
You must contact a doctor if
symptoms worsen or do not
improve after 7 days.
If accidentally swallowed, seek
immediate medical advice.
Keep out of the sight and
reach of children

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